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For school education and small turbine performance show
Wind Tunnel Size
Total Length 1500mm
Effective Length 1200mm
Tunnel Diameter 580mm
Tunnel Height 1000mm

Turbine Characteristic
Turbine Type VAWT
Rate Power 10w
Output Range DC0-30V
Product Name:PET
Wind Speed Range 0~8m/s (continuous adjustable)
LED Quantity 0.25W*22
Anemometer By adjusting the wind speed, the rotational speed of the wind turbine various, thus increase or reduce the number of illuminated LEDs
This education instrument includes one wind tunnel, one vertical turbine, one anemometer and one LED lamp group.

Basic demonstration function: The  power of wind turbines changes under different wind speed.
Advanced demonstration function: Different turbulence will influence the turbine performance.