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vertical axis wind turbine
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About Us

      SAWT Inc. is an innovative company engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of vertical axis wind turbines. We entered Shanghai in 2005 and began systematic research in aerodynamics, generators, materials and structures of VAWT. We will change the industrial structure and pattern of the world wind power industry.

Until now, we have made breakthroughs that applying pneumatic speed regulation in the vertical axis system in condition of strong wind, which has made vertical axis wind turbines commercially valuable and applicable. In Dec.28, 2007, we moved into JinShan Industrial Zone to start a large scale manufacturing... 


    vertical axis wind turbine in Italy


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mini vertical axis wind turbine


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SAWT Inc. attend the 7th CWEE Wind Show              

Between April 8th and April 10th, 2013, SAWT Inc, the worlds leader in small and medium sized Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) attended the 7th CWEE Wind Show in Shanghai, China...          More..

SAWT Inc. about to set up office in the Netherlands              

In order to better expand her business in the Netherlands and its dependency, SAWT Inc. recently made an agreement with her partner on the setting up an office in the Netherlands..... More..

OHM Green Renewable Energy ("OGRE") was our non-exclusive distributor in India from January 2011 to January 2012. Currently we have terminated all cooperation with OGRE.     More..

wind tunnel test of wind turbine
200w vertical axis wind turbine

Off-grid wind turbine

Model :P-200
Mill diameter:138 cm
Blade length:90cm
Working wind speed:4-25 m/s
Rating wind speed:10 m/s
Safe wind speed:40 m/s
Rating out put:DC12 V
Governed speed styleElectron
Brake style: Auto
Pillar high:5.5 m
Net weight: 48Kg

More.. .

10kw vertical aixs wind turbine

In-grid wind turbine

Model :PK-10-G
Mill diameter:600 cm
Blade length:620cm
Working wind speed:4-25 m/s
Rating wind speed:12 m/s
Safe wind speed:55 m/s
Rating out put:DC 90~340 V
Governed speed styleAerodynamics
Brake style: Manual
Pillar high:5.5 m
Net weight: 1905Kg


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